Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking-What is Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking- What is Social Bookmarking? How to do it?

Social Bookmarking, to bookmark your important web pages online so that you can read it anytime and anywhere with the connectivity of the internet we use it.

With these other people read your bookmarks which you have created.

Social Bookmarking

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO?

Social Bookmarking is the off-page optimization technique in which links are listed on the network.

It is the process in which you have to add your links to the various network. The bookmarks can be your personal or important.

It can be used by anyone but generally, it is used in B2B and B2C information.

It is considered as a quality backlink of the search engine.


Why should you go for a Social Bookmarking in Seo?

  • These are usually free
  • These increase the search traffic to your website or blog
  • It improves your site rank and links to the website
  • It grows the popularity of the website or blog.


How to do Social Bookmarking?

Here are the various steps to create a bookmark of your blog or web pages on the internet.


 Before doing Bookmarking of your site or blog, here are the simple task to perform that help you to submit your blog or website.


  1. Create a document of your website details
  2. Your blog URL,
  3. Create keywords,
  4. Create a description which describes your blog
  5. Your contact details


 Find some list of bookmarking sites. You can find out from here

Social Bookmarking


 Choose a site from which you have to do bookmarking.


 Suppose you have chosen Stumbleupon


 Register your account on Stumbleupon.


 Click on the add page


Social Bookmarking


 Now fill the form with proper details of your website.


Social Bookmarking


You’re done!!


This is another important aspect of doing SEO. This is one of the greatest methods to increase your site rank and links to the website.


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