Directory Submission
Directory Submission

Directory Submission- What is Directory Submission?

Directory Submission- What is Directory Submission? How to do it?

To increase the search results of your blog or your website the best is Directory Submission. It increases your search results on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. With this, your website traffic is increased and track more visitors to the website.


What is Directory Submission in SEO?


Directory Submission is the off-page optimization technique which processes the listing your site to the various directories with category or subcategory. It increases the SERP of your blog or website on the top of the search engines. always submit your site with a good content and choose the best category which helps to list your website.


Why should you go for Directory Submission in SEO?


  • It increases your website or blog on SERP
  • It gives you considerable traffic
  • It makes your website for a larger audience
  • Directory Submissions are mostly free
  • It gives you a valuable backlink


How to do Directory Submission?

Here are the various steps to submit your blog to generate backlinks.


Step: 1 Before doing submissions on your site or blog, here are the simple task to perform that help you to submit your blog or website.


  1. Create a document of your website details
  2. Your blog URL,
  3. Create keywords,
  4. Create a description which describes your blog
  5. Your contact details


Step: 2 Find some list of blog directories to do submission. You can find out directories from here and here.

Directory Submission

Directory Submission

Step: 3 Choose a directory from which you have to do submission.



Step: 4 Suppose you have chosen a 1 web directory


Step: 5 =Submit button

Directory Submission

Step: 6 Choose a relevant category

Directory Submission

Step: 7 Choose a subcategory

Directory Submission


Step: 8  Click link type Free

Directory Submission

Step: 9 Fill all the details that you have created on the document

Directory Submission

Step: 10 Continue


You’re done!!


Directory Submission is an important aspect of doing SEO. It is one of the greatest methods for improving your website ranking on the search result page.

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